Renew Dental Reviews: Is It Legitimate Or Scammer? Shocking Ingredients?

Renew Dental Support is a supplement that helps users to regulate their stomach acid and enzymes to improve the quality of teeth and gums. Renew Dental Support is a nutritional supplement made entirely of natural components that improve dental health.

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ReNew Dental Reviews

Renew Dental claims to be a cutting-edge remedy based on an African gum and teeth-renewal method that strengthens teeth and improves aesthetics. It reduces inflammation and treats a variety of oral diseases. The cost of dental care can sometimes be prohibitively expensive. Even though the majority of people go to the dentist on a regular basis and brush their teeth every day, these preventative measures do not appear to be adequate any longer. Even customers who take great care of their teeth and follow all of the best practices can still develop cavities; this is where Renew Dental Support comes in.

The supplement contributes to the revitalization of overall oral health. This supplement is made with natural ingredients, which have been shown to promote dental health in numerous studies conducted over the course of many years. When it comes to their oral health, a significant number of people rely on procedures and treatments that are both extremely expensive and potentially harmful. On the other hand, Renew Dental Support asserts that it can change that by performing the function of a powerful and all-natural detoxifying dental cleaning. Utilize it on a daily basis to get the most out of the benefits it offers.

What is Renew Dental Support?

The cost of dental care can sometimes be prohibitively expensive. Even though the majority of people go to the dentist on a regular basis and brush their teeth every day, these preventative measures do not appear to be adequate any longer. Even customers who take great care of their teeth and follow all of the best practices can still develop cavities; this is where Renew Dental Support comes in.

The Renew Dental Support supplement, which already has 117,000 users, is based on a traditional medical treatment from Africa that is said to miraculously repair damage to the teeth and gums. The developers explain that the issue can be traced back to something called a Blood Nutrient Deficiency (BND), which demonstrates that customers require particular nutrients in order to control enzymes and acid. The vast majority of dentists are never made aware that these naturally occurring chemicals are the source of the issue.

The formula of Renew Dental Support contains thirty different components, all of which work together to control these levels and bring about a rapid improvement in the user’s dental health.

Creator of Renew Dental Support

James Davis, who is now 51 years old and hails from Baltimore, Maryland, is the man behind the establishment of Renew Dental Support. James and his wife Jolene have made their home in Baltimore for the past 20 years. James has conducted research on a variety of different civilizations over the course of his anthropology career. He makes it sound like he’s really interested in how people have functioned since the beginning of time, particularly in terms of their health. In addition, he asserts that he has always been able to see connections between life in the past and life in the present.

After putting off going to the dentist for what seemed like an eternity, James ultimately made the decision to get his teeth checked out. From that moment on, the idea for Renew Dental Support was born. The dentist informed him that he needed to have teeth extracted, root canal operations, and even a surgery that involved cutting his tongue in order to treat his condition because he had neglected his dental hygiene for a far too long period of time. The total cost of all of this was somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000, but James’ insurance company only paid for $1,000 of it. In addition, it was common knowledge that the procedures he intended to have done would each take an eon and involve a great deal of examination.

On the other hand, James had the good fortune to have access to a competent physician who provided him with guidance on how to avoid all of the costly circumstances described above. First and foremost, James needed to ensure that he was maintaining good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing his teeth on a consistent basis. James was taken aback when the dentist shared with him some ingredients that, when used on a regular basis, had the potential to do wonders for the state of his oral health.

Ingredients of Renew Dental

The following is a list of the components that make up Renew Dental, as well as the benefits those components bring to oral health.

Oral problems can be caused by a variety of moderate to severe vitamin A deficiencies, which have been linked to impaired oral epithelial development, tooth formation issues, periodontitis, and enamel hypoplasia. Oral problems can also be caused by a lack of vitamin A.

Vitamin C

There has never been any doubt cast on the significant role that vitamin C plays in preserving healthy gums and teeth. There is now evidence from clinical trials indicating that vitamin C boosts the host’s defense systems and is therefore associated with the maintenance of periodontal health. When present in insufficient quantities, it is associated with periodontal health benefits.

Vitamin D

Unregulated levels of vitamin D can lead to “rachitic teeth,” which are hypomineralized and inadequate organs that are prone to decay and breakage. This is because vitamin D is required for the mineralization of tooth and bone tissue.

Vitamin E

When treating a variety of dental conditions, including gum disease, dentists frequently advise their patients to take this vitamin. Vitamin E, for instance, can be applied to the affected areas in order to alleviate pain and improve the appearance of wounded gums.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is an essential component for healthy teeth and gums, despite the fact that vitamin D3 and calcium receive more attention in this context. K2, which is primarily found in animal products, contributes to the preservation of the equilibrium of the oral microbiota, helps to prevent cavities, and encourages the remineralization of teeth.

Other essential nutrients include biotin, niacin, the B complex, vitamins B1, B2, and B12, and folic acid.

The mouth cavity is shielded from irritation by the B Complex vitamin. These vitamins aid in the prevention of dry, cracked lips, discomfort in the gums and mouth, and inflammation of the tongue. Additionally, they prevent diseases of the gums.

Folic acid

A healthy, well-balanced diet that is high in folic acid is required to meet the requirements for preventing tooth decay in young children.


Calcium strengthens teeth, which in turn makes them more resistant to the oral germs that are commonly found in the mouth. This molecule helps tooth enamel to remineralize, which is an important step in the process of repairing damage caused by bacteria in the mouth. The teeth become stronger in proportion to the amount of calcium that is consumed.


Iodine has been utilized for many years in medicine due to the antiseptic properties it possesses; however, it is now also utilized in dentistry. Iodine is currently considered to be more effective than fluoride in preventing gum disease and tooth decay.


Because it helps in the formation of strong bones and teeth, magnesium is an essential mineral for both overall and oral health. Magnesium is an important mineral.


Zinc is an essential element in living things. It is produced by the body and can be discovered in the oral cavity in a number of different locations. Zinc is a mineral that has been shown to assist with a variety of oral health issues, including gingivitis, periodontitis, bad breath, and dental cavities.

How Does Renew Dental Work?

It is necessary to first have an understanding of how teeth become damaged in order to comprehend how Renew Dental Support functions. When tooth fungus penetrates the gums and teeth, the process of corrosion begins, and there is no way to stop it, no matter how complex or expensive the treatment. In addition to this, it spreads rapidly and can cause irritation in the nasal passages as well as the throat. When bleeding and swelling appear, it is generally a sign that the fungal plaque needs to be removed. However, this can only be done after the plaque has been identified.

The progressive infection, severe inflammation, and eventual loss of teeth that characterize periodontitis are the end results of this condition. People’s regular diets are loaded with dangerous and toxic chemicals that are harmful to not only their oral health but also their overall health. This is because these chemicals are found in foods.

Because saliva contributes to the breakdown of chemicals in food, the body is spared from absorbing those chemicals. It also cleans the gums and teeth, removing any bacterial colonies that may have formed, which contributes to the overall preservation of the gums and teeth. In addition, the powerful minerals that are found in saliva are responsible for nourishing the oral tissues. On the other hand, the various poisons that are included in the diets of people living in modern times generally impair the effectiveness of saliva. This indicates that it is no longer capable of providing the protection it was intended to provide, and therefore the consumption of a supplement such as Renew Dental Support is necessary in order to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

The manufacturer of Renew Dental Support asserts that the product contains all of the necessary ingredients to counteract the toxins and poisons that can be found in foods. In addition, the product is marketed to be used as a saliva cleanser. When taken on a daily basis and in accordance with the directions provided by the manufacturer, the primary stages of Renew Dental Support are as described below.

Rapid Stabilization

After being taken, Renew Dental Support begins to work immediately to reduce inflammation, discomfort, and bleeding from the gums while also helping to tighten the gums.

Detoxification in Its Entirely

The harmful toxins that have entered the body as a result of diet are started to be eliminated and cleansed by Renew Dental Support.


At this point, the supplement begins to play a role in assisting the teeth, jawbones, and gums in their process of rejuvenation and reconstruction.

Absolute safety and security

Finally, Renew Oral Support begins to protect one’s dental health against other potentially harmful toxic chemicals, thereby preventing tooth decay. This is done in order to prevent tooth decay.

Renew Dental Support Benefits

It is necessary to first gain an understanding of the factors that lead to the deterioration of teeth before we can proceed to comprehend how Renew Dental operates. The accumulation of microbes, which can thrive in the mouth at any time and reside in crevices, wounds, and cavities, is the most common cause of poor dental health and is responsible for the majority of these cases. The effects of aging can be seen in every part of the human body, including the oral cavity. The teeth become more fragile, and the likelihood of tooth damage increases when an individual leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Dentists will frequently encourage their patients to maintain proper oral hygiene in an effort to ward off infections; however, this alone is not sufficient. The restoration and transformation of teeth require a great deal more than simply cleaning them, and diet is an essential component of this process. Certain components of food are beneficial to dental health because they can cause damage, thereby preventing tooth decay and loss. The only way to improve a person’s oral health is for them to make changes to their diet and start living a healthier lifestyle. On the other hand, it appears to be an excessively difficult task that requires a lot of time and management, which is why more and more people are depending on supplements.

The official website for Renew Oral Support makes the claim that it provides the body with the nutrients that are necessary to maintain dental health. Damage caused by toxins, inflammation, and bacterial invasion, among other things, will eventually stop occurring once the system has complete control over everything. This medication also keeps teeth from turning yellow and cleans the saliva, both of which contribute to the medication’s increased effectiveness.

Additionally, the fact that it is in capsule form makes it much easier to use, and the bottle can be easily transported. It takes between six and ten weeks for the effects to start showing, and it could take up to six months for the body to recover. Because this dietary supplement does not contain any components that produce sedation, it can be consumed at any time of the day. Last but not least, Renew Dental does not have any potential for addiction and does not cause any withdrawal or habit-forming effects over the long term. People can use it for as long as they like, allowing the ingredients to work on the body’s natural healing process without the need for additional dental work or prescription medications.

Renew Dental Support Price

There will be no sales of Renew Dental Support anywhere else besides the product’s official website—not on Amazon, not at GNC, and not in any local pharmacies. The following are its prices when purchased online:

  • 1 bottle of Renew Dental Support for $69
  • 3 bottles of Renew Dental Support for $177
  • 6 bottles of Renew Dental Support for $294


  • In a nutshell, the following is a rundown of the most significant benefits that are offered by Renew Dental Support:
  • Inflammation and infection in the mouth are both removed as a result.
  • It contributes to the repair and regeneration of tooth enamel.
  • Getting teeth that are whiter and healthier can be done in a way that is not only straightforward and easy, but also completely risk-free.
  • It is efficient for each and every person.
  • It protects against yellow stains, bleeding gums, bad breath, and cavities that are black in color.
  • It is useful in the reduction or eradication of advanced periodontal disease.
  • People who have had their teeth whitened and strengthened report feeling more confident in their ability to talk and smile.


  • Simply reachable by way of the official website.
  • There is a restricted supply.


In general, it seems as though Renew Dental is a product that is worth the investment of one’s time and money. It is crafted using high-quality components derived from plants. The practice of making it a regular part of one’s routine has been shown to reduce the risk of developing a number of dental diseases, and when combined with other methods of oral hygiene, it improves tooth health even more.

Every order is protected by a 100% money-back guarantee, which implies that each purchaser has the opportunity to get their entire investment refunded in the event that the product does not deliver the results that were advertised.

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